Vertical multifunctional OPT IPL ND Yag Laser beauty machine

Vertical multifunctional OPT IPL ND Yag Laser machine E-light: Through light pyrolysis principle, using intense pulsed light can act directly on the skin, make skin lesions on the solar energy selective absorption to the treatment of a variety of tissues, and do not damage normal skin tissue. Nd: yag laser: Laser by stimulated produce energy in a short time and become giant pulse, pathological tissues absorb giant pulse to become shock wave, the pigment tissue broken, and can be take away by macrophage cell of human body , pigment become weak gradually until it disappeared, achieve the goal of therapeutic management.

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Applications of IPL, E-light, SHR, system, hair removal, skin rejuvenation,shrink pores , photo rejuvenation acne treatment and vascular lesions, skin tightening, face lifting and body shaping , pigment removal :epidermis speckle ,fleck aging spot ,chloasma etc . Application of ND YAG laser system is mainly dealing with all kinds of tattoo removal.Q1: What is SHR? A1: SHR equal to Super Hair Removal, it's a revolutionary technology of hair removal which is having a sweeping success. Up gated of E-light, SHR combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. SHR combined with"In Motion"represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology. The treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is better protected. Q2: How long does the treatment take? A2: Treatments are very fast, and most tattoo removal appointments take 15 or 30 minutes at maximum. The actual treatment time is typically less than 3-5 minutes while some last just under 10 seconds.Treatments are scheduled a minimum of six weeks apart to allow for quality ink elimination and skin healing between sessions. The hair removal treatment appointments take 15 minutes. Q3:How long can we see the result? A3: According to people's age and skin condition, a immediately result can be found after the first treatment for most people. Q4:What other extra device this machine work with? A4:Please use cooling gel when do hair removal treatment and RF treatment. Please use carbon cream when do black doll treatment. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease1. Auto record shots on the SHR handle, more than 300,000 shots. 2. Big spot Sapphire Crystal for fast treatment. 3. 100% imported Xenon Lamp, incomparable comforter, and safety, prolong using time. 4. IPL intensity pulse light precise, uniform and stable, while improves the treatment efficiency. 5. Best cooling system, the handle can be frozen with few mins, more comfortable for treatment.
SYSTEM SHR/E light(IPL+RF) Pico laser
POWER 2000W 1000W
WAVELENGTH 430nm/480nm/530nm590nm/640nm/ 690nm-1200nm 532nm/1064nm/1320nm
PULSE ENERGY 1-50J/cm² 2000MJ
SPOT SIZE/DIAMETER 15X50mm/12×30mm(optional) 1~8MM
DISPLAY 8.4 inch True Color LCD Screen
COOLING SYSTEM Continuous Sapphire crystal cooling+air cooling+Radiator
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 100/110V, 50~60HZ or 230~260V, 50~60HZ
WORKING TIME Continuously 24  hours without stop
PACKAGE SIZE 52*68*67cm

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