10600nm stretch mark removal co2 laser machine

The stretch mark removal co2 laser uses a unique head piece which tracks the CO2 10.6 um wavelength light as it passes light through its optical lens to penetrate the skin. We can control the depth of the penetration from only a few micrometers in depth to much deeper with tiny thermal channels. Each thermal channel creates a small micro-injury but does not significantly disturb or disrupt the surrounding tissue. 

Products Details

1.Imported 7 articular optical light arm 2.Different vaginal treatment and circumcision probes 3.Four-dimensional lattice technology 4.Variety scan modes & shapes 5.Minimal side effect 6.No downtime1.Co2 fractional laser treatment head for face acne scar and body scar removal, face skin renewing ,skin resurfacing,stretch mark removal and pigmentation treatment. 2.Cutting treatment head for removal epidermal nevus, moles and flat warts and hyperplastic tissue. 3.Gynecology head for vaginal tightening and vaginal care,moisturize and make the vagina pink. 4.Circumcision treatment head for male foreskin resection.
CO2 laser source  Mental RF laser emitter
Wavelength 10600nm
Power of laser emitter 60w
Pulsed radio frequency 0.530W
Screen 10.4” color touch LCD screen
Scan pattern size 0.1x0.1mm – 20x20mm
Spot size 0.05mm
Spot distance 0.1 -2.6mm adjustable
Lifetime of laser emitter 8-12 years
Cooling system Air
Aiming light wavelength 650nm red semiconductor laser
Program language: English, Spain, Russian...nine languages
Voltage 110v/220v,60~50hz
Q1.Does fractional Co2 laser work for stretch marks? A1: The Fractional Co2 Laser is safe for most skin types and delivers dramatic results with minimal discomfort. Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and burns can be treated successfully and with great results with the Fractional Co2 laser. ... It is also used to reduce hypertrophic scars. Q2.When Will I See Results From my Fractional Co2 Treatment? A2: Results will begin to show approximately two months after the treatment is complete. Your body will be sending collagen, blood, water and oxygen to your treatment area which will tighten and smooth the skin. The Fractional Co2 treatment takes a bit of time to show results because it's helping the natural body cycle, however the treatment is much more long term with the results being visible for one - six years based on studies.

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