ND yag laser Q switched age spot removal machine

The Special Wavelength of 532/ 1064 yag laser can penetrate skin of human body according to the theory and practice of “Selective Laser Decomposing”, the instrument uses the laser-wave to break Chromatography pieces which can be naturally absorbed by the body. So that it achieves the purpose of de-freckling. The 1064nm wavelength will shatters and removes the black and blue pigments while the 532nm wavelength will shatters and removes red, pink, purple and brown pigments of the tattoo or other pigmenations without damaging the normal tissue. 1064nm wavelength is for black and blue tattoo removal and 19 kinds of spots removal, like chloasma, ota, birthmark etc. 532nm wavelength is for red and brown colorful tattoo removal. 1320nm probe for skin rejuvenation

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1) Tattoo removal 2)  Freckle and pigments removal 3) Skin whitening by the carbon pasteQ1.Can all tattoos be removed? A1: The wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm give the ability to treat a wide range of ink colors. In general, this lasers can treat 90 - 95% of tattoos. Q2.How comprehensive is the laser training? A2: We offer the video to tell you how to use the machine, and user manual, if you need, our doctor can teach you online. Q3.What are the possible side effects from ND: Yag Laser treatment? A3: Possible side effects include blistering and crusting after the treatment, hyper pigmentation and this is normal, we recommend to use ice to dissipate heat. Q4.What’s the lifetime of hand piece? A4: More than 1 million shots.1.Small size It can be moved easily. Also save the cost of delivery. 2. Easy operation With big LCD screen and many languages,easy to operate and meet the needs from any countries 3.Good treatment effects Usually it takes 2-3 times to remove the tattoo inks. For some special colors or deep inks, it will take 3-5 time to remove.

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