4 in 1 E-light IPL RF OPT Nd yag laser multifunction laser machine

This 4 in 1 E-light IPL RF OPT Nd yag laser multifunction laser machine, it’s a multifunction beauty machine, with OPT, SHR, IPL, ELIGHT, YAG LASER and RF 5 technologies in one machine, highly cost -effective. One machine meets all your needs, hair removal(face, underarm, body and bikini), skin care(vascular, acne and skin rejuvenation), tattoo removal and skin lifting. It has powerful cooling system, make sure this machine can work long time no stop.

Products Details

1. OPT SHR Permanent hair removal; 2. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, and pigment removal; 3. Improving skin’s situation: more smooth, tender, delicate and elastic; 4. Changing complexion dark: skin whiting and uniform color; 5. Removing the pigment and scar: removing the sun-induced freckle, speckle, etc. 6. Removing the acne and blain to imprint 7. Removing the vascular lesions and blood vesselQ1.How long does the treatment take? A1: Treatments are very fast, and most tattoo removal appointments take 15 ore 30 minutes at maximum. The actual treatment time is typically less than 3-5 minutes while some last just under 10 seconds. Treatments are scheduled a minimum of six weeks apart to allow for quality ink elimination and skin healing between sessions. The hair removal treatment appointments take 15 minutes. Q2.How long van we see the result? A2: According to people’s age and skin condition, a immediately result can be found after the first treatment for most people. Q3.What other extra device this machine work with? A3: Please use cooling gel when do hair removal treatment and RF treatment. Please use carbon cream when do carbon peeling treatment.1. Non-invasive: no wound of skin 2. Painless: Adopts the OPT SHR technology, IPL handle can shot continuously and fast. 3. Security: E-light can avoid the side effects of the glare effectively, simultaneous, also can reduce the difficulty of operation. 4. Effect: a wider range of applicable customer, instant effect is more obvious, while long-term effect is more durable.

SHR/E-light System

Energy 1-50J
Skin cooling (-3-2℃)
Wavelength 480-950nm 540-950nm 640-950nm
Spot size 10x40mm standard 15x50 10x10option

YAG Laser System

Frequency 1-10HZ adjustable
Wavelength 1062nm/532nm 1320nm for optional
Energy 1-2000mj adjustable
Pulse width 3ns

RF System

Energy 1-10J
Bipolar 15mm 25mm 45mm
Duration/Intervals 1-20s/0.1-20s

Model NO.GE-N 8

Screen 10.4'color touch LCD screen
Cooling system Radiator+air+water
Language English, Russian, Spanish, German, etc
Output power 3000W
Voltage AC 110/220V,50/60HZ

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