High power 5 spot size triple wavelength diode laser

Laser hair removal permanently removes hair by destroying the root of the hair follicles. We destroy the follicles by using pulses of light designed to heat the hair follicle to the point that it dies. We use specific wavelengths of light that target pigment, so the skin remains undamaged but the follicle is destroyed. This is why laser is most effective on dark hair.

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Q1.Do you shave before laser hair removal? A1: It is important to shave the night before or in the morning a few hours before the treatment. If your hair is too long, the laser energy might be too widely dispersed to be effective. ... It is best not to shave immediately before your treatment as this can disturb the skin. Q2.Is it OK to pull hair out after laser? A2: Pulling out loose hair after a laser hair removal session is not recommended. It disrupts the hair growth cycle; when hairs are loose it means the hair is in its cycle of removal. If it's removed before it dies on its own, it could stimulate hair to grow again. Q3.Why is my hair not falling out after laser? A3:  The catagen stage of the hair cycle is right before the hair falls out naturally and not because of the laser. During this time, laser hair removal will not be as successful because the hair itself is already dead and is being pushed out of the follicle.-20 Million shots lifespan maximizes your return of investment -3 Multi-wavelength reach different skin layer -90% Spare parts of handpiece are origin imported from Germany, USA and Japan, assure machine stable performance, amazing results and long time working -3 Wavelength diode laser allows fast repetition rates up to 10Hz(10 pulses-per-second), with in-motion treatment,fast hair removal for big area treatment. -Perfect cooling system--- the sapphire temperature cools down 0~5°C, clients feel comfortable and painless during the whole treatment.


1000W diode laser hair removal machine



Spot size

 13*16mm2 ,13*22mm2,13*30mm2

Laser bars

Germany Jenoptik, 12 laser bars power 1200w



Shot counts


 Pulse energy


Pulse frequency





10.4 dual color LCD screen

 Cooling system


Water tank capacity




Package size


For fast, safe, painless and permanent hair removal on all 6 skin types, including dark skin. Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs...

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